Tips For Maintaining Mature Gardens

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Tips For Maintaining Mature Gardens

Mature gardens typically have a variety of perennial plants, deep-rooted bushes and large trees that require care and attention over the course of the year. While they are often beautiful to look at, mature gardens often require a significant investment of time to maintain them in such a way that will ensure plants and trees remain healthy and looking their best. We started this blog to share what we feel are the best tips for maintaining a mature garden without giving up all your free time or spending a lot of money on gardening equipment. Our posts cover a variety of topics, such as how and when to prune fruit trees and why mulching flower beds can save you time and work during the summer months. We hope you enjoy our blog.



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5 Ways You Can Use Decorative Gravel to Achieve a Stunning Landscape

If you are a homeowner, it's high time you pay extra attention to your landscape. There are different materials you can use, but there are many benefits associated with using gravel. It comes in different colours, shapes and sizes, which makes it perfect for your landscaping requirements. If you are still new to this material, you may have few ideas on how to use it. This article highlights five ways you can use decorative gravel to achieve a beautiful landscape in your home. 

Gravel for Mulch 

You may have previously used mulch to cover your flowerbeds or gardens. While it offers a host of advantages, you may be surprised how using gravel instead is substantially superior. It's more durable, permanent and doesn't require replacement like mulch. Additionally, lighter shades of gravel introduce stunning aesthetics to your home.

Used for Walkways

If you would like having a walkway in your yard, gravel may be the perfect solution. It adds beauty and a classic style to your outdoor space. Most homeowners use gravel to design excellent walkways. However, others utilise it as a base with other additional materials such as stones or cement for the actual sidewalk. 

Gravel Creates Excellent Patios

Enjoying warm weather with your family out on the patio is quite exciting. Gravel patios are a great and cost-effective way to design a relaxing space in your yard. You can choose gravel for the entire patio or use it as a sub-layer with larger concrete blocks placed on top. One of the benefits of gravel over most materials is excellent drainage and maintenance. 

Constructing Your Dog Run

Everyone loves dogs because they make the best companions. However, they can create a mess in your yard too. Therefore, consider installing a gravel dog run instead of regularly patching grass. Gravel allows for easier clean-up. 

Using Gravel for Yards

No one set rules that make it mandatory always to use grass for your yards. To achieve an outstanding look in your yards, consider gravel instead of grass. With gravel, you'll forget about weekly yard maintenance, and you'll save more water than you could have instead used on grass. 


Take your landscaping to greater heights by using decorative gravel. If you are looking forward to sprucing up your outdoors, you can choose one or more of the five ideas discussed above. This way, you will spend less while taking full advantages that gravel offers.