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Tips For Maintaining Mature Gardens

Mature gardens typically have a variety of perennial plants, deep-rooted bushes and large trees that require care and attention over the course of the year. While they are often beautiful to look at, mature gardens often require a significant investment of time to maintain them in such a way that will ensure plants and trees remain healthy and looking their best. We started this blog to share what we feel are the best tips for maintaining a mature garden without giving up all your free time or spending a lot of money on gardening equipment. Our posts cover a variety of topics, such as how and when to prune fruit trees and why mulching flower beds can save you time and work during the summer months. We hope you enjoy our blog.



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3 Options For Weed Control In Your Garden

Whether you're a keen gardener or just enjoy sitting out in your garden on a nice day, you'll know that keeping on top of weeds can be a really time-consuming chore. Spraying weed killer is one option for keeping your garden weeds under control, but if you're not a fan of using chemicals in your garden, there are other options. Here are three weed control options for you to consider:

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is a popular weed control option for both garden beds and borders. The thick fabric is impenetrable to weeds and you can make holes in the fabric if you want to plant flowers or vegetables. Landscape fabric is relatively inexpensive, but you do need to make sure the fabric completely covers the bed or border to ensure there are no gaps for weeds to grow through. If you're not keen on the appearance of the fabric, you can cover it with woodchips for a decorative finish. Additionally, if you don't want to make holes in the landscape fabric but you do want some plants in your garden, you can place potted plants on top of the fabric.


Mulching your garden beds has many benefits, such as adding nutrients to your soil and protecting plant roots from cold snaps. When you apply mulch in a thick layer that's at least a few centimetres deep, it also does a good job at stopping weed growth. Mulch blocks out light and creates a hostile environment for weeds. Applying mulch after tilling the soil will stop weed seeds from germinating and can also prevent soil erosion. Leaves, grass clippings, straw, wood chips and compost can all be used to supress weed growth and improve the health of your soil at the same time.

Decorative Aggregate

Decorative aggregate can be used to reduce weed growth by blocking out light. Weeds cannot grow without sufficient light, so spread a thick layer of decorative aggregate along borders and around paths to keep weeds at bay. Popular varieties of decorative aggregate for gardens include slate, paddlestones and shingles. Each of these varieties comes in different colours and sizes, so you can opt for decorative aggregate that complements the style of your garden. You can also add decorative aggregate to the top of pots and containers to suppress weed growth and enhance the aesthetic of your garden.

If you have a large area to cover, contact a local landscaping company to lay out your chosen method of weed control. They may have access to wholesale pricing and have the equipment required to transport large quantities of landscaping materials. 

For more information about other landscaping supplies, contact a local company.