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Tips For Maintaining Mature Gardens

Mature gardens typically have a variety of perennial plants, deep-rooted bushes and large trees that require care and attention over the course of the year. While they are often beautiful to look at, mature gardens often require a significant investment of time to maintain them in such a way that will ensure plants and trees remain healthy and looking their best. We started this blog to share what we feel are the best tips for maintaining a mature garden without giving up all your free time or spending a lot of money on gardening equipment. Our posts cover a variety of topics, such as how and when to prune fruit trees and why mulching flower beds can save you time and work during the summer months. We hope you enjoy our blog.



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What Sort Of Soil Does Your Backyard Need?

Most of the time, people don't give a second thought to the soil in their backyard. It is only when you need to solve a problem that has sprung up that many people even realise that there is more than one type of soil out there. Depending on the issue that you have, there is a whole range of soil supplies that you could go with, but knowing which one to pick is a bit of a challenge. Here is a look at three common issues and the soil supplies that you should consider getting to fix them.

Low Phosphorous

Phosphorous is an important material that is found in soil all over the place, but the levels at which it is found is what is important. The lower your phosphorous scores in your backyard, the slower your prized plants and grass will grow. If you find that your plants are growing at a snail's pace compared to your neighbour's, then you may want to consider investing in some soil supplies that focus on upping your phosphorous. It is a very simple and natural way to help your garden flourish without spending a lot of time and money on additional fertilizers. 

Fill Soils

Sometimes you don't really care what the soil is composed of as long as you can get a lot of it and quickly. Fill soils are used, as their name suggests, to fill up big holes, uneven surfaces or anything that you don't like in your garden. They are the cheapest form of soil supplies usually, other than perhaps straight-up sand, and they offer very little nutritional benefits. These are mainly a construction tool to help change the landscape to your wishes, rather than a growing aid to help your backyard become the tropical jungle you want.

Native Soil

A popular option for many Australian households is the introduction of native soil. These soil supplies are carefully curated to benefit the many florae that are native to Australia. If it contains manure, it is manure that has been picked out to work with the plants that you are trying to reintroduce to your garden. As such, it can be quite expensive (relative to other soil), but it is one of the most environmentally friendly options and can help stop the spread of invasive species by giving native ones a fighting chance. 

Visit a shop near you that has soil supplies to find something for your yard.